Samcheok Daemyung Aqua World - Sol Beach (Korea)

Samcheok Daemyung Aqua World is a 709-room hotel & resort combines the architectural aesthetics of the village of Santorini, Greece with a fantastic ocean view with the motive of the Greek khi clastic architectural style with the blend of white exterior wall and blue roof.

We supplied 1 model of locker lock.


The model name is LOXURY-9 [LL92PR].

The LL92PR installed in the shoes locker & wardrobe is a network model of the RFID key insert method. The detailed model name is LL92PRN. It is supplied with online power and controls the shoes locker through the system. When the door is open, the key is fixed




Overseas sales dept: +82-1644-3526(ext 202)
Domestic sales dept: +82-1644-3526(ext 105)

+82-1644-3526 (ext 202)