Perth National children’s Hospital

Located in Nedlands, the $1.2 billion Perth Children’s Hospital (PCH) will be the new home for staff and services from Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) in Subiaco, providing specialist paediatric care for the children and adolescents of Western Australia.

The new hospital will be the sole dedicated children’s hospital for WA, providing the highest level of care to children from all over the state. PCH will have 298 beds, 48 more than PMH and the design of the building allows for future expansion


We supplied for one model lock (Loxury V_LL85TR, 2,600ea) to ‘PERTH CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL’. LL85TR is touch password type & RFID proximity type. It can be used on various storage locker, such as golf course locker, safety deposit box, etc.

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+82-1644-3526 (ext 202)