BMW Driving Center (Korea)

Youngjongdo BMW driving center is the only three driving centers in the world.


We have delivered one product to BMW driving center in Yeongjongdo.

The product model is LOXURY-7(LL87AP).


LOXURY-7 (LL87AP), a password-type locker lock, can be installed in two types, buried-type and normal-type, and buried type require  a separate handle. LOXURY-7 (LL87AP) is an LED-type button that can be used in dark places..


It can be used neatly without the protruding part from the locker.

Overseas sales dept: +82-1644-3526(ext 202)
Domestic sales dept: +82-1644-3526(ext 105)

+82-1644-3526 (ext 202)