Sky Tree Tower (JAPAN)

Since April 2006, TOKYO SKYTREE TOWER has been in charge of digital terrestrial broadcasting and mobile terminal.

TOKYO SKYTREE TOWER was built in Tokyo by the necessity of constructing high tower over 600m due to the reception failure by high buildings in the digital terrestrial broadcasting which started in 2003.

In addition, visitors can observe the city of Tokyo and it became a tourist attraction that attracts many visitors every year.

We have supplied one model to TOKYO SKYTREE TOWER


The model name is Loxury V (LL85TR) and the total delivery quantity is 300 sets.

The LL85TR supports two modes of use, a touch type password and an RFID key proximity mode, and is used for various storage such as golf bag, valuables locker and so on


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+82-1644-3526 (ext 202)