Hanwha Life (Korea)

Hanwha Life is headquartered in 63 Building in Yeouido.


We have delivered one model to Hanwha Life headquarters.

The model name is LOXURY-4 [LL84AR].

LOXURY-4 [LL84AR] is an RFID type lock and it is a embeded  type, so you need to install a separate handle. RFID specification is 13.56Mhz, Mifare Classic, so you can use all the RFID tags, chips and cards.

It is installed on the 25th and the 4th floors of the 63 building.

Overseas sales dept: +82-1644-3526(ext 202)
Domestic sales dept: +82-1644-3526(ext 105)

+82-1644-3526 (ext 202)