Gwangmyeong IKEA (Korea)

IKEA Gwangmyeong branch is the first Korean branch of IKEA, a global furniture chain.

IKEA's locker is made of steel and the following two products have been delivered


Model names of products are LOXURY-1 [LL83AR], LOXURY-3 [LL75AP] from left to right

LOXURY-1  was installed in an employee locker

RF keys are used and the keys of each locker can not be used in duplicate



LOXURY-3 is the customer's locker with installed.

It is unattended and you can assign a new password for each customer with a one time password


Overseas sales dept: +82-1644-3526(ext 202)
Domestic sales dept: +82-1644-3526(ext 105)

+82-1644-3526 (ext 202)