Integrated management system

It is total solution which can be used for shoes locker, wardrobe, postpaid,  purchase, use of additional facilities, and settlement.

Unilock’s integrated management system is breakthrough one that can manage business through computerization of work, remote control of lock device & POS device and can reduce labor costs as well as prevent sales omission.

This can be used for total management of country club, sports center, swimming pool, sauna and spa, as well as cabinets

and locker-rooms of school and office. In addition, this can be used for any site which needs to manage of sales




 Check-in counter

  • Ticketing system dramatically reduces the check-in time
  • Can calculate of the data for the sales
  • Easy to check the sales status per service facility
  • Reduces staffs by simplified ticketing system
  • Solution inconvenience of key keeping


 Shoes locker

  • Convenience of key management by fixing the key on the lock (Can be used the issued locker)
  • Use shoes locker & wardrobe with same key
  • Maximize of the customer service through labour saving & prevention of robbery


 Postpaid site

  • Using key for the payment
  • Solution of discomfort to keep cash
  • Increase customers' desire to purchase, Expected to maximize sales


 Postpaid site (Including gate)

  • The management of customer & sales by the management of entrance & exit for swimming pool , fitness, golf course etc
  • Prevention of sales omission,  employee fraud
  • Saving labour fee by using unmanned facilities


 Check-out counter

  • Only customer who use the postpaid facilities need to pay (Interlocking with shoes locker)
  • Fast payment by touching the key & reduce exit time
  • Shoes locker can’t be open till complete the payment
  • After open the shoes locker, the key is fixed on the lock. (Prevention of key loss)

Overseas sales dept: +82-1644-3526(ext 3509)
Domestic sales dept: +82-1644-3526(ext 3507)

+82-1644-3526 (ext 3509)

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