SOJO SPA CLUB is located in next to the Hudson River in New Jersey and is a very beautiful 8-floors building with 32 rooms.

The natural surroundings of the Hudson River through the windows give you the best of inspiration, and the professional massages, a playground for children, the best restaurants and a variety of spa facilities help for you to have a experience with the best of service.

Two models were delivered to SOJO SPA CLUB.

The model name are LL92PRN and LL94AR from the left. Total delivery quantity is 3100 sets, and it is RFID Lock Control System type.

The LL92PRN is a luxuriously designed lock key with RFID type, which fixed the key when the door is open to prevent accidental loss.

The LL94AR opens and closes the door by the circular handle with a luxuriously designed RFID proximity lock key.

Overseas sales dept: +82-1644-3526
Domestic sales dept: +82-1644-3526


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