Aqua field (Korea)

It is aqua field which is water park in star field of Hanam Shinsega-shi aiming at luxury healing spa.

In Aqua field, system controller such as SSM-500 has been used to build LL54PKN-3 network in addition to the following unilock’s products


The models are named LL54PKN-3, LL54PKS-6, GK92PK-1, LL65AP-1 and SSR-100 from the left.

A spa integration system has been built through the interface between the shoe locker which is connected with RS-485 network and the POS

Customer circulation of the system is as follows.


LL65AP-1 Safety Box with black gold installed.

It is unattended and customers can assign the password as one time.


The network digital lock LL54PKN-3 is a shoe lock.

Only the lock issued by the POS can be used, if you buy something in the water park, the shoe lock will not open and you have to do the payment at POS to open the shoe lock.



LL54PKS-6 is installed on a wardrobe. One key (GK92PK-1) can be used for both shoe and wardrobe locker.

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