Gocheok SkyDome (Korea)

Gocheok SkyDome, the first dome baseball stadium in Korea, has a variety of athletic facilities including a swimming pool, a gym, a soccer field, and a basketball court.

We have delivered one system model to  1st floor gym and B2 pool of Gocheok SkyDome.

The model name is LL54PK, it is a network model..

The LL54PK can be connected to the system equipment to control the locker on the main PC, and can be used on same number's shoes locker and wardrobe with one user key.

Because it is a one-key system, efficient customer management is possible with the history of entry and exit



Gocheok SkyDome does not need to replace the battery by installing a network model that includes online power for both the shoes lockers and the wardrobe.